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Resources for USA Boxing in Oregon

Selected resources for USA Boxing in Oregon.


  • Announcer Bout Results – a PDF file you can print out and use for sending bout results from the scorekeeper to the announcer during a show. Different than the one provided by USA Boxing. If you prefer, here’s one in black and white rather than color.
  • Assignments – a PDF form to help in making out assignments at a local show.
  • Code of Conduct – also available on the USA Boxing website.
  • Conflicts – a PDF to use when giving out assignments for officials at a show, in case the officials have any conflicts with boxers in the event.
  • Sign-in – a PDF file you can print out and use to help keep track of officials coming to a show.
  • Supervisor Bout Report –  a PDF just like the document available from USA Boxing but fills the page a bit better.
  • Timekeeper’s Cheat Sheet – a PDF with times/rounds for all USA Boxing divisions. Can be used by a timekeeper so you don’t have to keep the round times in your head.
  • Weight Chart – a PDF with the latest (November 2017) weight chart for making matches.


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